Electric Dairy Truck Is Powered By Cow Poop

Ever since chancing upon the LooWatt, the phone-charging toilet, it seems there is more to poop than we think. While it may stink, it’s valuable in conducting energy. Organic farmer Albert Straus drives an electric dairy truck powered entirely by methane. In other words, cow excrement.

In a project that ultimately took 8 years to complete, Albert Straus and a local mechanic converted a 33,000 pound International Harvester semi-truck to an all-electric hauler… The truck’s batteries are charged with clean electricity that is generated by the methane gas produced by those same cows’ manure in the farm’s biodigester.

8 years may have been quite some time, but I am certain the wait was worth it. After all, Straus did beat Elon Musk to the punch. Not only is the use of manure as an energy source eco-friendly — it’s cheap, too. In fact, it can save farms up to $50,000 a year.

“What I’ve tried to do is create a sustainable organic farming model that is good for the earth, the soil, the animals, and the people working on these farms, and helps revitalize rural communities.” [says] Straus.

Straus is now working with others on a 20-year carbon farming plan. As for poop-powered vehicles? Straus is set on building a Farmers Market truck. Poop-tastic!

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