Edible Coffee Capsules Combat Plastic Pollution

For people on the go, coffee is a must-have. While many shops offer bring-your-own-tumbler discounts, for most, a take-out paper cup will do. They aren’t the easiest to recycle, but its plastic creamer capsules that take the cake. To combat plastic pollution, scientists invented edible coffee capsules for cream and sugar. This is another feat for the coffee industry, which recently involved coffee grounds in the making of sportswear.

The capsules are made with a crystalline, sugary layer that keeps the milk sealed inside at room temperature. Once added to your drink, the capsule dissolves and unleashes the douse of milky sweetness.

There are two types of capsules — sucrose capsules for a sweeter touch, and erythritol capsules for something more bitter. The milk, if sealed, remains good for three weeks.

“The capsules could replace the small, extremely unpractical coffee creamer packaging that is used in great quantities at conferences or on airplanes,”

Creators of the Keurig cup and Nespresso pod have since expressed regret for engineering such environmentally damaging products. After all, we shouldn’t seek convenience at the expense of the environment.

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