Eco-Friendly Notebook Reuses Paper

The paper-producing industry is always looking for ways to become more sustainable. Several groups produce books with 100% recycled paper. Other companies, like HP, educate consumers on the true impact of printing. Paper Saver, however, is taking it one step further with a notebook that uses no new paper whatsoever. 

The Paper Saver Notebook is a basic faux leather cover with a stainless steel binding, nylon bookmark, and elastic. It comes with no paper inside – because that’s where you put your extra sheets.

While the Paper Saver Notebook is essentially a sleeve, the idea itself proves to be efficient and practical.

It’s a clever concept with potential to make one feel slightly less guilty about the fact that 50 percent of paper used in North American offices ends up as garbage, and that a whopping 27 percent of waste in landfills is paper products. Rather than using yet more resources on recycling and shipping, it makes sense to extend the lifespan of paper that’s already been made.

If you’re a stickler for unused paper, you can download lined and graphed sheets on the Paper Saver website. The Paper Saver ships worldwide–does this mean old college handouts will finally be put to good use?

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