Dragonfly Bridge Can Fold Up And Sail Rivers

With concepts such as floating islands becoming a reality, it seems the stuff of sci-fi are more than just fiction. For pedestrians in Inner Mongolia, this solar-powered dragonfly bridge that can sail rivers could soon be a thing.

The futuristic concept is the vision of London-based architect Margot Krasojevic, who is known for her experimental and cutting edge designs.

Her latest ambitious creation would have the ability to fold up for transport, as well as to adapt itself to its surroundings.

This would allow the bridge to move up and down the river, which would be achieved either by towing the massive structure or by onboard sails which would allow it to propel itself.

The bridge complements the city’s ever-changing “urban fabric” and dense population. For this very reason, Krasojevic believes it is important that the bridge is moving as opposed to stationary.

“Why can’t it have another use when it is not a bridge?”

“Cities demand adaptable design rather than a static and debilitating architectural presence.”

The bridge’s projected functions are far too complex for me to enumerate in a nutshell. However, I do find it worth mentioning that the machine will be solar-powered.

While Mongolia is a ways away from seeing the dragonfly bridge come to fruition, it’s concepts like these that never fail to impress.

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