Football Fan Raffles Jersey To Donate To Puerto Rico

I believe it’s in every child’s nature to want to help others. Media may be an issue, but for the most part, kids seem inherently willing to put others first. It’s youngsters who raise funds for deaf children and go out of their way to help drowning swimmers that confirm my beliefs. Seven-year-old Alex Ibarra is another commendable adolescent. The avid football fan auctioned a jersey signed by Christian Pulisic in order to raise funds for Puerto Rico.

“I’m raffling it off because I’m trying to raise money for the Puerto Ricans that don’t have food and water,” Alex said. “Puerto Rico’s really important to me because they’re one of our territories.”

With much of the country void of power, food, and water, the donation will do wonders. Altogether, Alex and the American Outlaws (Oakland) raised $3,283.87 to contribute to the Hispanic Federation UNIDOS Disaster Relief Fund.

With Alex’s generosity going viral, Pulisic himself promised to send another signed jersey and pledged a donation as well. For a kid whose age hasn’t yet hit double-digits, I’d say Alex is doing pretty well.

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