Dentist Treats Domestic Abuse Victim For Free

There is a rare population of good samaritans willing to provide services for free. Among them are Pizza Hut, which delivered free pizzas to Hurricane Harvey victims, and Merkez restaurant, which offers free meals to the poor. Recently added to the list is Dr. Kenny Wilstead, who fixed a battered woman’s front tooth free of charge.

“I said, ‘Well, I’m not going to wait for your tax returns. That’s next year. Let’s fix this right now,’” Dr. Wilstead recalled.

For nearly two years, Kyleigha Scott had been living with a broken front tooth. She had been assaulted by an ex-boyfriend, who continued to stalk her even after their relationship ended. A wisdom tooth infection prompted Scott to seek help from Wilstead, who insisted on going the whole nine yards.

“That 10 minutes that he took to give me what I thought I lost a long time ago back is the most indescribable, beautiful, joyful emotion,” Scott said. “I wish that I could come up with a new word for how I felt.”

The lucky lady will also receive a $20,000 smile reconstruction from Wilstead at no cost. If Scott isn’t grinning from ear to ear, you can bet I’m doing it for her!

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