Dog Returns Home After Being Lost For 9 Months

When a dog goes missing, it’s inevitable to lose hope after a certain period of time. However, retriever Mo refused to give up on her family and reunited with them after 9 long months.

Darwin and Cindy Cameron stayed near the tiny hamlet of Horseshoe Bend… for three months looking for Mo. But deep snow and harsh conditions eventually made the search impossible.

Dog rescuer Cheri Glankler took in a starving retriever that had collapsed at a nearby ranch last month.┬áBased on the dog’s initial disheveled appearance, it was clear that she had been living on her own in the wild.

Despite dozens of false sightings, Mo’s owners didn’t hesitate to rush down to the station. Mo had lost half her body weight in the wild.

“Who saved Mo? Mo saved Mo,” Glankler said. “Even here when I would take her out on a lead, she was searching. She knew who she was looking for. She’s incredible.”

I suppose dogs are man’s best friend for a reason–they never give up on their families.

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