Carbon Calculator Helps Reduce Harmful Footprints

The rise of eco-friendly household devices is allowing people to become less wasteful within the comfort of their home. You can host a guilt-free barbecue with a biodegradable grill. You can even sustain a high-tech home garden. Some of our actions, however, aren’t always considerate towards the environment. This carbon calculator by Conservation International allows you to adjust every aspect of your lifestyle for the benefit of the planet.

Using [the device], you can calculate your carbon footprint based on a number of personal behaviors and find how much or how little carbon you are producing – and how you make that number smaller and, therefore, better for the planet.

Don’t let the extent of climate change fool you — our individual contributions are capable of making a difference. In fact, the carbon calculator suggests that simply reducing the consumption of animal-based products can be highly impactful. It works using a simple mechanism.

Once you calculate your carbon footprint and find your offset option, the tool also gives you a comparison of your footprint to the averages by country and quick tips on how to decrease the number, for example, related to your fuel economy, clothing choices, and thermostat settings.

Nowadays, it seems we are more equipped to maintain our planet than ever. We are tackling challenges head-on, one app at a time.

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