Business Cards Are Made From Recycled Fabric

While HP insists printing paper is saving trees, skeptics may think otherwise. In fact, most eco-conscious brands will choose to recycle, like the notebook that reuses paper. MOO is nothing different, producing business cards from recycled fabric.

These cards are made from 100 percent cotton fabric, which comes exclusively from T-shirt offcuts; in other words, it’s the unwanted material that’s left over after a shirt is cut from a roll. Turning this fabric waste into paper diverts it from landfill and creates a wonderfully textured, smooth yet tough paper that takes any kind of ink.

This method is traditional and equally as sustainable but unbeknownst to many. For the project, MOO teamed up with Mohawk, a family-run paper mill.

“Taking a bold stance on the environment, Mohawk became the first U.S. paper mill to match [all] of its electricity with renewable wind power and the first U.S. premium paper mill to shift toward carbon neutral production.”

The fashion industry is highly polluting — why not turn their trash into the aesthetic they hoped for?

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