BMW Goes Electric: Energy Saving Buses

Ever watch a sci-fi film and gush about how flying cars would be so much more practical and environmental? While this remains a distant reality, modern-day vehicles are becoming increasingly more sustainable by the decade. Cars by Honda, Fiat, and Nissan are now transitioning into electrical energy, incorporating lithium-ion battery cells for efficiency. Now, BMW is gearing up to introduce electric buses into our daily commutes.

Electric bus upstart Proterra shifted into a higher gear… with another substantial funding round: a $55 million infusion led by Al Gore’s Generation Investment Management and the corporate venture arm of German automaker BMW.

“More than ever before, cities are looking for smart and sustainable transportation solutions that can reduce pollution efficiently and effectively,”

“Proterra is incredibly well-positioned to help accelerate the growth of sustainable cities and continue our transition to a clean energy economy.”

“To better serve our customers, we want battery buses that travel longer distances and can carry more people,”

The primary markets for electric buses are the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. The buses, as most new technologies do, come at a substantial price. Proterra also hopes to improve urban air quality and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Meanwhile, we can ease the backlash of climate change by using public transport and investing in more environmentally-friendly cars.

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