Biomass Stove Bringing Cleaner Air To India

In the age of our crumbling planet, we are doing everything we can to maintain good environmental etiquette. We are turning trash into product packaging, saving reefs with oyster shells, and planting trees at the speed of light. Now, entrepreneur Ankit Mathur has created a stove that is much less harmful to the environment.

The aluminum and steel contraption uses much less wood than a traditional mud stove, and produces far less harmful smoke in the process.

“We designed a cook stove that cuts down fuel consumption to a third of what a mud stove uses and reduces emissions to one quarter of what they are,”

Despite its obvious benefits, Mathur admitted to having trouble selling his product. People simply wanted to stay traditional. But after proving to potential customers that they’d spend less time collecting wood, the Greenway stove finally saw some sales.

Around 550,000 people have now bought a stove, bringing the firm $9 million in sales.

“It sounds like a lot, but if you look at the Indian numbers there are more than 100 million households we can reach out to,”

Mathur’s company is also selling solar-powered lamps. While most of us may not be innovators ourselves, it should be in our best intentions to support those who are.

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