Bamboo Building Can Withstand Natural Disasters

If consumers can go green, so can infrastructure. So far we’ve seen the emergence of vertical gardens and power-generating houses. Now the trend is hitting schools across the globe. This bamboo building in Panyaden International School in Thailand doesn’t only have a zero-carbon footprint — it can also withstand natural disasters.

Designed by Chiangmai Life Construction, the Bamboo Sports Hall features a modern organic design that draws inspiration from the lotus flower. The large multipurpose facility was built to withstand local natural forces including high-speed winds and earthquakes, and it boasts a zero-carbon footprint.

The facility is huge, to say the least, at 782 square meters large. It is modeled after a lotus, in honor of the school’s Buddhist values. It can accommodate up to 300 students and includes varying sports provisions.

“The bamboo used absorbed carbon to a much higher extent than the carbon emitted during treatment, transport and construction.”

The use of bamboo partners well with Panyaden’s “Green School” mission. The material has a lifespan of at least 50 years.

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