These Awesome Backpacks Are Made From Car Parts

Being low on resources, we have finally turned to using recycled materials–and it’s about time! We’re making art out of trash¬†and purchasing notebooks that reuse paper. But the notion of upcyling takes everything to a whole new level, especially with the Airpaq backpack made of used car parts.

The bags… are rather simple in design, with a single large compartment made from an airbag… with a car seat belt buckle securing the top. The inside of the main compartment includes separate areas for a tablet and laptop, plus smaller compartments for those little items that need to be secured, and the whole thing is lined with water repellent fabric. Seat belts form the straps of the backpack, which have some added padding on the shoulders, and a woven panel of seat belts is used for the back panel of the bag.

Each backpack sports a unique look, its parts from various car models that aren’t always similar in style. Creators Adrian and Michael are obvious fans of sustainability. They hope to inspire buyers to become more creative and ecological.

“We are passionate about the idea of creating alternative uses for things that otherwise would end up in the trash.”

If you’ve got a beat-up truck with parts to spare, perhaps you may be looking at a brand new Airpaq!

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