Artist Uses Baking Ingredients To Make Celeb Portraits

Not every artist is keen on using just paint. Some use garbage. Others prefer books. And those who fear nothing use blood. This celebrity-obsessed artist creates portraits using baking ingredients such as salt, coffee, and baking soda.

[Allan] Wallace works with all kinds of mediums, from common oil paint and spray paint, to tree leaves and cereal.

Salt was only the beginning, as he quickly realized that he could achieve similar results with other grainy or powdery things, like coffee or baking soda.

The impressive artist has already garnered the attention of comedy giant Kevin Hart, whom he created a salt portrait for. But Wallace’s work is no laughing matter, proving he can “paint” on pretty much any surface.

In case you’re wondering what Wallace uses as a canvas for his salt portraits, he sometimes sprinkles the salt on a black board, but most times he just uses his living room table.

Wallace is clearly appreciative of his fans on social media.

“It was mind-blowing. I felt really blessed. I am an artist and I want other people to love my work. I love it when individuals acknowledge the work I put in.”

Remember, kids: if you’re a budding Da Vinci without access to acrylics or oils, you can always raid your kitchen.

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