Petsmart Donates 30 Million Meals To Animals In Need

Dog parents will do just about anything for their beloved pet. This includes paying thousands of dollars to treat disabled animals or get them insured. While some shelter residents end up in loving homes, not all of them are lucky. However, in celebrating its 30th anniversary, Petsmart has decided to give back to the animals it advocates. The pet store chain donated 30 million meals to dogs and cats in need.

During the “Buy A Bag, Give A Meal” promotion, the company will donate a meal for every bag of dog or cat food purchased in stores and online through 2017.

Petsmart is teaming up with various groups to manufacture and deliver the food. Because the program runs through to the end of the year, Petsmart hopes to donate at least another 30 million meals.

The allocation of food donations to beneficiary organizations will be based on PetSmart Charities’ evaluation of the needs among potential recipients, the ability of potential recipients to receive, handle and distribute the food donations, and where the donated meals can be most effectively delivered.

Petsmart hopes to allocate 50% of meals to dogs and 50% of meals to cats. With 7 million animals entering shelters per year, lack of food is a serious issue. It’s thanks to programs like Petsmart’s that keep man’s best friend and his feline sidekick healthy.

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