Archaeologists Discover Ancient Roman Wreckage

Lately, discoveries of Earth-sized planets and the possibility of life on Saturn’s moons have been otherworldly. While most of today’s research focuses on what can be, some experts are still dissecting what has been. On a mission to study lost artifacts, an Egyptian archaeology team uncovered three wrecks from the Roman Empire. The breakthrough will bring greater insight regarding the era of Rome’s first emperor.

[Divers] found a head sculpture carved into crystal, remains of pottery and large pieces of wood, potentially from the ship itself.

The discoveries were made off the coast of the northern city of Alexandria, specifically in its Abu Qir Bay.

Apparently a goldmine for hidden wonders, the bay might still be lodging a fourth shipwreck. Arab uprisings have made Egypt vulnerable to mass looting, leaving museums susceptible to robberies. Joint efforts have since eased the pressure on archaeologists.

The discoveries were made as a result of the work of a joint mission from the Ministry of Antiquities’ Underwater Archaeology Department and the European Institute of Underwater Archaeology.

Both groups will continue to send divers into the harbor next year — truly a blast from the past!

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