Motor Company Sends Batteries To Aid Puerto Rico

Now that we know discarded laptops are capable of powering households, we ought to give simple batteries more credit. Ultimately, they’ve been an asset to communities affected by the recent hurricanes, and Tesla seems to agree. The motor company is sending Powerwall batteries to Puerto Rican homes, which currently lacks most basic necessities.

The battery pack in question is called the Powerwall, an in-home electricity solution that could hugely benefit people whose homes have been knocked off the power grid. Besides gasoline-fueled generators that are keeping power on at hospitals, the entire island is basically without power.

Due to shortages in electricity, affected residents can’t store their food. In turn, shortages of other materials worsen. Right now, Tesla is moving mountains for the devastated island, making up for the slow movements of the U.S. federal government.

Tesla employees are actually on the ground in Puerto Rico, helping to install hundreds of the battery packs, as well as performing repairs to damaged solar panels.

There is much controversy surrounding President Trump’s critical approach to San Juan Mayor Carmen Cruz. Her desperate pleas for help don’t really make Twitter rants an appropriate response.

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