Adjustable Clothing Line Grows Along With Kids

Every parent knows the difficulty of shopping for a child’s ever-changing wardrobe. Jeans make for an awkward fit. Shirts are loose on the bottom but tight on the arms. Shoes? Don’t get any parent started on shoes. But it seems brand Petit Pli has some tricks up their sleeve. This adjustable clothing line produces clothes that grow along with kids.

Petit Pli’s pleats allow the clothing to stretch as children go through their growth spurts. No matter the size, the pleated fabric will fit the child perfectly.

The structure deforms with the movement of the child, expanding and contracting in synchrony with their motion.

High-tech clothing? I hardly thought it was possible. The genius behind Petit Pli is Ryan Mario Yasin, a specialist in aeronautical engineering. While he could’ve gone all-out on a more advanced solution, Ryan chose to keep the line simple and easily marketable.

Yasin’s aim is to save time and money for parents, but to also reduce the amount of kids’ clothing that’s thrown away each year. Petit Pli’s design is more efficient and gives kids the flexibility to move and run, and the cutting-edge fabrics are simple to clean and fold.

While a child sporting a single outfit for years may fuss some picky parents, Petit Pli is undeniably doing us some big favors. If you can’t choose style, at least choose sustainability!

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