Man Drives Abandoned Dog Cross Country To Family

No matter the distance, lost dogs usually find their way home — even if it takes 9 months. But sometimes, the distance between a furry friend and his family are too great. Such was the case for pit bull Zimba, who hitched a ride with his savior on a 1,30o-mile road trip home.

“We called the number and spoke to his mom. The story is as follows: His mom’s boyfriend left Kansas to come to Maryland for a brief stay with their dog. However while he was here, the couple broke up. And the “now ex-boyfriend” abandoned Zimba. He would not return her phone calls.” [said the Caroline County Humane Society.]

With no airline to fly Zimba back to Wichita, former employee Zach offered to drive the pooch home. It’s safe to say Zimba’s mom breathed a sigh of relief, as she was unable to make the trip due to her (human) children.

“Kind of like The Wizard of Oz story with Zimba playing the part of Dorothy…there’s no place like home.”

With the pair making pit-stops for interviews, Zimba may not have it so bad after all.

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