ICOTV Interviews Sen Ze: EMINENT Token and BeepBeep Nation

Dushan Spalevich of ICOTV interviews BeepBeep Nation Chief, Sen Ze, on the BeepBeep Nation app that will be fuelled by the EMINENT token. Sen Ze discusses how the app can be used in a variety of situations and why it’s known as “The Mother Of All Apps“, EMINENT token economics and the app’s unique revenue model.

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The Goodness Of The BeepBeep Nation App

The BeepBeep Nation app is fuelled by the EMINENT token. Watch and see what John Terhune, our legal advisor, says about the app, why it’s such a good thing for everyone – and what special thing we did that makes it stand out from all other apps out there.

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Sen Ze

EMINENT Token Sale Ongoing

This is a step-by-step guide on how to participate in the ongoing EMINENT (EMN) token sale as soon as possible to get the most tokens for your contribution.

If you have not bought your EMN tokens yet, simply follow the steps below:

1. Have your ETH wallet address ready

Your ETH Wallet is required for you to receive EMN tokens when it’s issued after the ICO is over.

If you don’t have an ETH Wallet set up yet, follow the instructions below:

Head on over to https://www.myetherwallet.com and make sure the URL is HTTPS instead of HTTP. This is to ensure that the site is secure and also prevents attempts of phishing.

Type in a password of your choice and select “Create New Wallet”.

Click on “Download Keystore File (UTC / JSON)” to save your Keystore file. Upon clicking, it will be saved in your computer at the location of your choice. Bear in mind that this Keystore file will be needed to access your wallet. Select “I understand, Continue” to proceed.

Save your Private Key in a safe location, digitally or physically.
We highly recommend printing the paper wallet for safekeeping, as this will be your backup to access your MyEtherWallet in the event of losing the digital Keystore file.

To access your wallet, first, click on “Send Ether & Tokens”. Next, select “Keystore File (UTC / JSON)”. Click “SELECT WALLET FILE…” and browse to select the previously saved Keystore file. Enter your password and hit “Unlock”.

Your wallet address is displayed on the right. This will be the address you can use to receive ETH, EMN tokens or any other ERC20 tokens. You may send ETH in this wallet to our ETH wallet to purchase EMN tokens by keying in our ETH wallet address in the “To Address” field. You’ll find our ETH wallet address when you’re registering your account with us.

To check your token balance, click on “Load Token Balances” and a whole list of ERC20 Tokens will be displayed. Look out for BeepBeep’s ticker EMN once we’ve issued it.

2. Go to https://beepbeepnation.com/kyc 

Fill in your details, including your MEW address that you’ve set up above.

3. Upload a photo of your national ID or passport

You’ll do this when prompted.

4. Select the amount of tokens you would like to purchase

The minimum purchase is 400 EMN tokens at USD100. There is no maximum.

5. Tokens are priced in USD, with each token sold at USD0.25

If you are contributing with fiat currency (USD/SGD), please wait up to 36 hours after submitting your information for verification of the contribution received in our bank account in Singapore as we will be doing this manually and it may take up to 3 working days for your contribution to arrive.

For contributions using ETH (Ether), you’ll be paying the ETH equivalent of your total contribution in USD, based on the ETH/USD value at the time of your purchase. Verification of your submission and your personal information will be made during the KYC process.

6. EMN Tokens will be issued directly into your ETH Wallet after the ICO

We will do this 2-3 weeks after the ICO ends.

7. Bonus Tokens

The current offer of bonus tokens with your purchase is 10% extra, going down to 7% after July 3rd 2018. So get your EMNs as soon as possible to get the best deal.

Sen Z

EMINENT Token ICO: Pre-Sale Has Begun

Pre-sale for the EMINENT ICO has started!

Here are the details:


One EMINENT token is USD0.25 each, or its equivalent in ETH. If you choose to pay in ETH, note that ETH prices go up and down quite a bit, so our system will calculate the ETH price that is equivalent to USD0.25 per EMINENT at the time you’re buying it.

2. Minimum Purchase

The minimum amount you can purchase is USD100 or the ETH equivalent of this amount (the ETH amount will vary depending on ETH’s value in USD at the time of your purchase, it’s about a bit more than 0.2 ETH at the time of writing).

USD100 gets you 400 EMN tokens, USD500 gets you 2,000 EMN tokens, USD1,000 gets you 4,000 tokens, and so on. You’ll get bonuses depending on when you’re buying, as follows (see No.3 below).


The bonuses are:

Current Bonus: 10% extra bonus tokens.
Ends on 3rd July or 21,875,000 EMNs sold, whichever is earlier

Next Bonus: 7% extra bonus tokens.
Starts on 3rd July and ends on 9th July or 21,875,000 EMNs
sold, whichever is earlier

4. KYC

You’ll be undergoing a KYC process.This simply means that when you click the “Participate” button on ICO day on our website, you’ll see a form that
you need to fill in with your real details.

On one of the screens you’ll be asked to upload a copy of your ID. Our system will automatically process your details.

If you pass, you’ll see a page for you to indicate the amount of EMNs you would like to purchase, and your preferred payment mode (USD or ETH).

5. Payment

Whichever payment mode you prefer, you’ll see instructions on how to pay. Simply follow the instructions strictly, as soon as possible.

You’ll see our bank account details or our ETH Wallet details, depending
on your preferred mode of payment.

6. Distribution of purchased EMINENT tokens

This will be done 2-3 weeks after the end of the ICO. Once you’ve taken the correct steps, simply wait for the end of the ICO for the EMINENT tokens to be distributed to your ETH wallet.

If you have any questions, simply ask us in the EMINENT Token Telegram Group.

Sen Ze

BeepBeep Nation App: Spreading Kindness

The BeepBeep Nation app is not just an app. It gives tremendous value to everyone by making the asking for and provision of help the easiest and fastest it can be.

Now everyone can help out their fellow citizens at any time convenient to them. Since everyone has his own free time and will and sleeps at different times of the day, it means help will likely be available 24 hours a day.

Your beep for help can also be sent to any location in the world where google maps can be used, which is practically everywhere. You’ll never be short of helpers willing to do their part.

Check out the versatility of the BeepBeep Nation app and how it changes people’s lives in a myriad of ways – including emergency situations. It’s also the reason why it’s called “The Mother Of All Apps“:

The EMINENT token fuels the BeepBeep Nation app.  Get ready for its upcoming ICO, scheduled for June 27th 2018. The ICO will raise the funds we need to market and operate this app worldwide, so that we can change the world for the better, one beep at a time.

Sen Ze

BeepBeep Nation App In Action

Here’s a video on how you can get a free ride using the BeepBeep Nation app, fuelled by the EMINENT token (ICO coming up):

There are 2 ways you can get a free ride, or a free place to stay, etc:

1. Do not offer a Gratitude Tip when requesting for help
If you’re requesting for help in a heavily-populated location, you will get offers from people with your Dynamic Beep Network Of Helpers (DBN) willing to help you out. Since you didn’t offer any tip, it’s safe to say they will help you out without any expectation of a reward.

2. Offer a Gratitude Tip but accept help from those who don’t want it
Some helpers may simply decline your Gratitude Tip, as they’re not helping you for money. Again, in a heavily-populated area, you’re likely to get helpers who will decline your tip. The video above shows this scenario.

The BeepBeep Nation app is ready and will be launched within weeks after the ICO is over. Get ready for it.

Sen Ze

BeepBeep Nation App: Safety First

In an app where help can be provided by people near you who are not necessarily people you know (much like Uber drivers are not necessarily people you know), it’s of utmost importance that you’re as safe as possible.

BeepBeep Nation is a community app, fuelled by the EMINENT token. Each member of the community will be doing his part to ensure that requestors and helpers using the app are real people (not bots). It also comes with a rating system built in that is used to provide more information about any particular user from other users’ interactions with them in the past.

The “Beep Rank” is a green bar below a user’s profile name. The wider the bar, the more thumbs up ratings a user has from many more people that he has helped recently, among other factors.

A Beep Rank ranges from 0 (no rating) to 10 (best rating). The higher the score, the more reliable/helpful the user is, based on the above factors. For certain types of help like getting a ride, place to stay or tour guide where you’re meeting up in person, the Beep Rank can assist you in making a decision on who to accept help from, or offer help to.

Another tool you can use is the Chat function. Simply chat with the person once you’ve accepted his offer to help with a single tap of the Chat button, and before you’ve made your way to him or he has made his way to you. If the chat isn’t going in the direction you want, simply cancel the help offer and you don’t have to meet up with him.

You can also ask to take a “wefie” (basically a selfie with more than just you in the photo – we call it a “beepie”) with the requestor or helper when you do meet up. Ask them for permission to do so. If they agree, simply snap a photo of the 2 of you in the same frame, and upload it to both your profile and his in the BeepBeep Nation app. This way there will be records of which user has helped another user that can be seen in each user’s profile. If he does not agree to take a beepie with you, you may want to consider not going ahead with the request for help either as the requestor or the helper.

There are other ways that can be used to increase the safety of users of the BeepBeep Nation app, and more ways will be included as we progress.

Sen Ze

What Problems Does BeepBeep Nation Solve?

BeepBeep Nation app is “The Mother Of All Apps“.

It can do what many other proven apps can do – but it can do them cheaper, or free, or better.

BeepBeep Nation, fuelled by the EMINENT token, does what other proven apps do in one single, convenient app that can also be a good alternative to all of them.

This is possible because we have created the “Location Beep” concept that comprises the following components that all combine beautifully to not only provide you with the help you need when you need it, but also make the world a better place:

  1. Location
    You’ll send a beep to a location you specify. It’s usually where you currently are. You can then use your location to ask for help in the form of a ride, or perhaps to let you know if anyone is coming out of a parking spot for you to take over, or for any type of help you can think of.

    However, you can also specify a location you’re not in, like a city in another country. This is useful if you’re planning to be in that city soon where you may need a local to help show you around like a tour guide, or to provide you with a place to stay, or to update you with information in that location, among many other possibilities.

  2. Real People
    The respondents to your beep for help will be real people as you’ll need to meet up with the potential helpers. This not only makes the BeepBeep Nation app a true social app as it requires effort from both parties to meet up to resolve a problem, it also means you’ll be making new friends every time, thus broadening your network quickly and easily.

  3. Dynamic Beep Network Of Helpers
    BeepBeep Nation does not work on the “friends”, “followers” or “connections” principle. There’s no need for you to ask anyone to be your friend, have them follow you, or indicate your connections with them. Everyone with the BeepBeep Nation app installed on their smartphones is in your Network of Helpers, if they’re within a 1-5 mile radius of the location you’re in, or in the location you’ve specified.

    This means that your Dynamic Beep Network Of Helpers (DBN) can be different people, depending on the location you specify, at the time you’re beeping for help. Your DBN will provide you with lots of value in ways not possible before the BeepBeep Nation app is created.

  4. Help
    You’ll be rendered the help you need by real people, who you meet on a face-to-face basis. The help provided can also be free to the requestor, which is something other service apps can’t provide, since you’re getting help from people wanting to help you, not from service providers who provide their service only in return for monetary compensation, in the amount set by them.

  5. Accuracy
    If you’re beeping for information (which doesn’t require a meet up), like “which is the best sushi restaurant in New York?”, you’ll get accurate results because they’re provided to you by real people located in New York at the time you’re sending your beep. They’re not historical like those served by search engines or review sites. You can tally up the real-time responses by real people in the area to see how many of them recommend the same places, for an idea of whether their responses are reliable.

    However, you can beep a question to the same location at different times and get different, but still accurate, responses. As an example – eg. “Is the Starbucks at Madison Avenue open now?”. Depending on the time of the day and/or day of the week, both a yes or no answer can still be the right response to the same question, and they can be different from search engine results since the latter provides historical answers compiled by computers, whereas BeepBeep Nation provides real-time, on-the-spot responses by real people who can verify for you whether that Starbucks outlet is actually open now, or is still under renovation as it has been for weeks, or has closed due to a fire recently.

There are more, but the above should get you thinking about how the BeepBeep Nation app can provide you with help and accurate information no other app can provide in one single place.

The EMINENT (EMN) token is created for BeepBeep Nation users to use to send out beeps within the BeepBeep Nation app. In other words, the EMN token fuels the BeepBeep Nation app. In addition, EMN can also be used for the requestor to pay his helper a Gratitude Tip, if the requestor has offered it, thus eliminating the need for the requestor to carry cash with him.

Sen Ze

What Motivates Someone To Help You For Free?

The BeepBeep Nation mobile app provides a platform for people (called requestors) to send out requests that tend to vary in nature and other people (called helpers) to respond to their needs. Once the task is done, a requestor may give a helper a Gratitude Tip, though the former is not really obligated to do so. Conversely, even if a Gratitude Tip is offered, the helper is also not compelled to accept it.

If you’re interested but cannot fully grasp the concept of the BeepBeep Nation helping economy, perhaps it’s because you are lingering around this question: Gratitude Tips aside, what’s in it for the helper? Why would a person help another without a guaranteed reward?

Here are some possible reasons:

1. First, the helper is already going to spend the same time and effort to carry out his own errands and—in the process—ends up doing what a requestor wants as well. The helper may be driving the same route as the requestor who asked for a ride anyway. Having an additional passenger in his car isn’t going to cost him anything—and he has somebody to talk to along the way. Maybe being stuck in traffic won’t have to be such a bad experience.

2. The helper benefits in some way from helping the requestor. A simple example is when the freeway requires two people in a car before it could go on the fast lane. If the helper helps the requestor who is going the same route, he can get onto the fast lane and reach their mutual destination much quicker, thus saving him time and gas. A true win-win situation.

3. Even if the helper’s current task isn’t exactly the same as the request, it may not take much time and effort to provide the help. Certain help takes only a few minutes to do, if at all! For example, the helper who lives near the requestor is already shopping at a store that the latter needs something from. Picking up the item and then dropping it off at the requestor’s house on the helper’s way back to his own house near the requestor’s shouldn’t be too hard, right?

4. As a sort of long-term benefit, maybe the helper can make new business contacts. Networking with other people is a given for business owners. In fact, some of our best contacts are those we meet outside of our own circles. Smart helpers are aware of this opportunity: helping a person who may be good for his business sometime in the future is worth more than whatever little time and effort he puts in now.

5. Aside from networking for business reasons, the helper can make new friends. Helping an unfamiliar person is an exciting way to broaden one’s peer circle. We are naturally social creatures, and social media has created a world of digital social humans. Interestingly enough, through digital means, BeepBeep Nation can make us physically social again—probably even more than before. Experiencing a new level of human interaction will be so good for our wellbeing.

6. Maybe the helper just wants to do something good. There are many people who want to help others, perhaps for spiritual or religious reasons. Sometimes, these people don’t get requests because their friends don’t think they can help, or they’re not an obvious choice. Other times, they get requests they’re not really fit for. BeepBeep Nation solves this problem, as helpers can choose which requestor they can offer their help to. This is one inspiring, self-fulfilling benefit!

7. There are also times that the helper will do it for the Gratitude Tips. He might be in between jobs. He might have been retrenched recently. He might not qualify to be a driver of ride-sharing services because his car is an old model, or he might not have a home with rooms he can rent out for a fee. And so on. Until these people are back on their feet, BeepBeep Nation can provide them with a way to earn some tips in helping others. Truly connecting with another person seems like such a feel-good solution to one’s own needs, doesn’t it?

As you can see, there are many reasons why a helper would offer to help another for free. You’ve done exactly that at various times in your life. BeepBeep Nation enables you to make it a more regular occurrence with very little extra effort.

And with everyone doing it more often with just a little individual effort, the sum of all those little efforts will surely result in a much better world for everyone.

This is the ultimate goal of BeepBeep Nation – and I invite you to be a part of it in ways that are meaningful to both the requestor and you.

Sen Ze

Can You Help Me Please?

People are generally helpful in nature.

If someone comes up to you and asks for directions, you’ll do what you can to help him. Or if a blind person is standing next to you and asks for your help to assist him in crossing the road, you’ll be happy to oblige.

We help others without hesitation because it’s our nature, because we can, and because we feel good doing so.

Those aren’t the only reasons, however, as our motivations in helping others are many.

But here’s the problem.

We’re not nearly as helpful as we can be, or would like to be.

It’s not our fault though. There really isn’t an efficient way for people to help each other on a regular basis.

Think about it – how often have you been asked to help someone in a single day? By “help” I mean real help, not a service you’re providing as part of your job.

If everyone could help people around him regularly with a little time and effort on his part each time, our lives would certainly be richer and more meaningful.

To this end, we’ve spent the past 3 years creating the BeepBeep Nation mobile app that enables the asking for and giving of help as efficient and effective as possible.

If you need help, you’ll simply use the app to send out a request for help via a “beep”.

You’ll choose a location to send your beep to.  Other users within a 1 – 5 mile radius of the location will be able to receive your beep for help. They can then choose to offer to help you out.

If they do, you can then choose your helper from among those who responded to you.

This decentralization in the sending of requests and help offers between both requestors and helpers not only provides them the freedom to choose each other, but also encourages them to be be good to each other for them to maximise their chances of having their requests answered (in the case of the requestor), and having their offer for help accepted (in the case of the helper).

The end result is that with the BeepBeep Nation app, quick help for anyone in need is just a beep away,  which then makes the world a much better place.

The BeepBeep Nation app is fuelled by the EMINENT (EMN) token, or with beep credits.

EMN or beep credits will be used by users to send out a beep, and in a few other ways that will enhance the app’s usefulness to its users significantly.

Sen Ze